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Thursday, July 25, 2013

RED CAPES, A New Fund Raising Site

RED CAPES, a new fund raising site, has been created for not-for-profit causes and organizations. Red Capes is about making dreams come true by bringing people together through crowdfunding and fully accepts that sometimes it takes personal involvement to make that happen. To that end, Red Capes throws open the door to questions by providing a direct email address and, when necessary, customer service telephone contact for one-on-one assistance. 

Wendy Robbins, CEO, says, "Red Capes is a power to the people, paying it forward fundraising platform where a large group gives small donations in exchange for unique gifts so everyone gets to be a superhero." 

Karen Paull, COO, comments, "We have a cool, hip pay it forward model attracting progressive, educational, and sustainable businesses to fund. With Red Capes you are never alone. We will help you with your campaigns!" 

In addition to fund raisers such as those for Elaine Sutton, battling cancer, http://www.redcapes.com/projectDetails.aspx?pid=46 and award-winning cinematographer Steve Wargo seeking funding to complete his film “Poison Sky” which researches the ChemTrail phenomenon, RED Capes has also started a reality TV show designed for innovators and inventors. Learn more how you can be a TV star at www.redcapes.info.
If you want to raise money, have a good cause, business, invention, or an idea to nurture, post your campaign at www.redcapes.com. And, while you’re there, don’t be shy about donning your own red cape and helping fund someone else’s dream. 

Q) You are both, individually, business successes. What was the final straw that said you should turn your combined attentions to creating Red Capes? 

W: I had the idea for Red Capes ten years ago but the technology would not allow me to realize it. In January, 2013 the idea became unstoppable and I found the people to create the platform, look, and functionality so that it is very different from any other crowdfunding site out there.

Our customer service is like Nordstroms. Our look is like a retro comic book to share the hero's journey to make a difference on the planet. I have a successful track record at bringing products to market (The Tingler head massager, etc) and Karen is a marketing expert with long term relationships with top sponsors and advertisers so together we are the dynamic duo - wonder women who look fab in red capes :) 

K: Another "straw" for me is the high level of corruption in our banking system here, and around the world. Millions of Homeowners lost their homes to foreclosure, and many innocent people have been taken advantage of by banks. I love that our platform provides an alternative means to grow a business, or idea, without the need for these corrupt institutions. It's a revolutionary idea whose time has come! 

Q) What is crowdfunding and how does it work? 

W: Crowdfunding was created in the 1700's and in the 1800's it was used to finish paying for the Statue Of Liberty. It's a perfect metaphor since crowdfunding avoids banks, loans, a need for good credit, balance sheets and a long track record. A large group of people donate small amounts of money in exchange for gifts so you reach your financial goal. You are able to raise money globally 24/7 using the internet, social networking and you get your own free fundraising site where you add your videos, pictures, documents, bio, team, budget, etc all in one place. 

Q) What motivation do you employ to urge clients to meet their financial goals? 

W: If someone meets their financial goal our fee is 5% if they don't it is 10%. Both are very reasonable. The extra 5% gets people to stay on target and they have identified they need to raise a certain amount so it makes sense to reach your goal. 

K: We have a system that works which involved a compelling video, excellent and original perks, and a launch announcement, coupled with regular email and social media blasts. As with any successful businesses, you have to have a plan, and those with the best plans, win! 

Q) Do you think Red Capes will become the business model for other fundraising sites to follow? 

K: I am sure we will influence the next generation of Crowdfunding sites with our comic-super hero theme and interactive media components, however I enjoy being unique. We created Red Capes by differentiating ourselves from the crowd, I hope others stay original too!



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