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Friday, November 29, 2013

Storytelling + Graphics = Get Fisk

Once upon a time, stories were shared via stone carvings and later, parchment, which developed into printed books. Mobile devices are the continued evolution of how we read. Taking that evolutionary path to the next level, Potboiler LLC is adding visual ability to the reading experience. “Midnight in Juarez” presents a new way to engage readers with stories on smart phones and tablets, offering readers stories systematically created for these devices. Utilizing a mixture of animations, illustrations, interactivity and digital referencing set against dynamic backgrounds, Potboiler LLC offers readers unique prose styling and formatting to create an easy reading narrative designed to be consumed in about ninety minutes. The company bills the concept as, “Fast, fun and addictive stories for people on the go.”

“Midnight in Juarez” was written as a thriller around Mexican cartels and serves notice of what readers can expect with each release in the ‘Get Fisk’ series. Potboiler’s analytic approach to publishing deploys the practice of data driven companies in technology industries and represents a new vision from the digital publisher, who will release new novels in the “Get Fisk” series as well as in other series on a monthly basis. Publishing in partnership with the digital publishing and distribution platform Vook, Potboiler will access industry-leading technology to design and quickly produce their original ebooks and distribute them through Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and anywhere e-books are sold.

“Midnight in Juarez” ($1.99) is available now for smartphones, tablets and all major e-readers (Kindle, Nook, etc.). 

Founded in 2012 by Jeff Gillis, formerly of Google Analytics, Potboiler’s ebooks are designed to be fast, easy, and entertaining reading incorporating a variety of multi-media elements into the experience. Single chapters of each novella can be viewed daily on www.GetFisk.com during the first month of that novella’s release.

Q) How do e-books created for use on mobile devices differ from other e-books?

A) Most e-books are simply print books that have been digitized - they were created within the design and technology constraints and framework of print, for example, on paper without embedded video or web links. But e-books can offer a lot more. The Get Fisk mystery thrillers were written specifically for reading on tablets and smartphones, to appeal to people with lots of choice who are on the go. In addition to enriched content (animation, illustration, audiobook version, social components), the stories are also quick, fun reads, stylized and tested for easy reading on handheld screens, able to be read in about two hours with new stories coming out every month.

Q) Do you believe reading habits are changing in America?

A) Definitely - some online retailers report higher e-books than paperback books. Everyone who has a smartphone or tablet - 50% of Americans and growing fast - is now carrying a portable library and bookstore with them at all times, capable of: 1) finding any book, 2) holding hundreds of books at one time that can be accessed instantaneously, and 3) sharing that information with friends and family. We're entering a new age of reading and entertainment consumption. Stories should take advantage of that!

Q) Does mystery fiction, like “Get Fisk,” appeal equally to both genders?

A) We hope so!  Studies show that thrillers are the most popular fiction genre, and there are components of mystery and action through Get Fisk. Also, there are appealing, strong heroes and heroines that lead the stories.
Readers can expect a new Get Fisk novella every month.

Q) Can you share some examples of the current topics utilized in the stories?

A) Yes! Get Fisk plots are ripped from the headlines. The first novella, Midnight in Juarez, puts the reader right in the middle of drug cartel warfare in Mexico. Future novellas will involve Somali piracy, oppressive warlords in the Congo, and nuclear espionage in Iran. Fisk is a billionaire who is affected by events throughout the world who is also working to further his own agenda.

Q) What demographic of readers do you believe your books were designed for?

A) The Get Fisk series is for any adult who has a mobile device. It is fun, unsophisticated, sexy and action-packed at an affordable price - $1.99 per novella. It is both for people who read traditional fiction, as well as people who haven't read a book since high school. To that latter group we say, try a Get Fisk novella - you'll be done in a few hours and will enjoy the ride and will be reading again.

Q) Are you open to feedback, and, how can readers provide feedback?

A) Yes! We love to hear from readers - they are our lifeblood. We can be emailed at info@getfisk.com and also offer surveys on the website at www.getfisk.com within the stories where we ask readers where they'd like to see future stories take place.

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