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Monday, November 11, 2013

Author, Filmmaker GA Hauser

GA Hauser is one of those dynamic personalities whose presence is felt a step or two before she appears in the doorway. A lady in constant motion, it would be easy to say she is ‘driven,’ but, in her case, that cliché wouldn’t be a fair assessment. GA sets goals, and then meticulously establishes and enacts a strategy to attain each goal. 

Born in New Jersey, GA graduated college with a Fine Arts Degree, only to abandon the idea of being a starving artist after realizing ‘starving’ literally meant no food on the table. She headed to Seattle where she joined the police force, serving as a patrol officer for eight years. Her quest to expand her universe of experience took her to the UK where her first novel “In the Shadow of Alexander” was published. Set in 356 BC, the story chronicles a young soldier’s unrequited love for his ruler, and the youth’s attempt to thwart Alexander’s murder. The book quickly garnered fans and strong reviews. That success fueled GA’s wanderlust, and she headed out to travel the world, honing her writing skills while learning about the many varied cultures that would eventually seep into her now more than eighty published books. 

Among GA’s many novels is the ‘Action! Series.’ True to GA’s established mix of solid, skilled writing, humor, drama, romance, and in-the-bedroom sex, this series, as with her others, has attracted thousands of loyal readers. However, the prelude to the series, a book titled “Capital Games,” inspired much more within GA than another successful pairing of characters fans were eager to follow. This book fired up the dream many authors have of seeing their stories on the big screen. GA had a new goal: She would see the lead characters Mark Antonius Richfield and Steve Miller take life in the movies, even if it meant producing the film herself. The fact she knew nothing about the film industry was simply another door she needed to pry open. So, crowbar in hand, she set off to educate herself and make the dream reality. 

Sweat droplet by sweat droplet, GA gathered a production crew, scouted out the sites, and hand selected the actors, which include Shane Keough of “Housewives of Orange County” fame. She also chronicled her journey on her blog: http://www.capitalgamesthemovie.com/movie-blog/ 

Now, “Capital Games: The Movie” is set for distribution via DVD this holiday season.

Whether you prefer books or movies, followers of erotic romance intertwined with stellar drama peppered with humor and believable characters and plots will enjoy the stories of GA Hauser.

Q) Considering how many books you’ve written, which two books (one historical, the other contemporary) would you recommend to readers new to GA Hauser stories and why? 

A) Which book to choose! I hate to admit, it’s such a tough question. Some readers like it so hot the sex oozes out of the novel. For those, Down & Dirty will do the trick. Like sweet coming out stories? Lancelot in Love. I write about firemen, cops, military guys, nurses, models, actors, doctors, just pick a fetish and enjoy.

As far as historic novels, I don’t do many. One reason is the research. I like to be accurate, so they take time to write. But, one that has not been read by many, which I enjoyed very much in writing is The Rise and Fall of the Sacred Band of Thebes. This tale is about 150 sworn pairs of lovers who lost their battle against Alexander the Great. 

Q) Mark Richfield and Steve Miller of “Capital Games” are truly complex characters. What was it about Gregor Cosgrove and Eric Presnall that convinced you they were the right fit for the roles? 

A) Finding young men, with little film experience who were willing to take on roles as gay men, with nudity? A nearly impossible task. Many auditioned, many ran away!

When Gregor Cosgrove auditioned for the part for Steve Miller, I was surprised. He walked into the studio in LA and I immediately said, “You’re Mark Richfield. Can you do a British accent?” Putting it bluntly, Gregor was stunning, had long hair and light eyes. He was Mark. Though he was intimidated, we gave him a day to hone up on an accent. And well, since Mark has an American dad and British mum, I knew and my fans knew, he didn’t have to be perfect. But he did very well indeed.

Eric Presnall bowled me over with his enthusiasm. He wasn’t my first choice for Steve, but he had so much power and charisma in his audition reading and wanted the part so much, we had him read with Gregor. Well! The chemistry between the two men was so hot, it melted the video camera. Two straight boys willing to kiss. I was so proud of them and the work they did, I wish them huge success in the future. They took a chance and did a heck of a job. 

Q) Obviously, you had a lot to learn about making a quality movie, and “Capital Games” is a first tier film that deserves its early accolades. Still, what was the biggest shock you encountered? 

A) The biggest shock was ego!! My word, I was shark chum to a few individuals with egos so unmanageable, they became a bane of my good will. Two in particular, who were oh-so-sweet to my face, ended up being criminal…or should I use legal terms and say, ‘suspected of criminal wrong-doing’. While I was very lucky and did find pure gems, these two men were out to over-run me since I lacked experience. And they nearly derailed production. Let me say I learned so much from it. And will never make the same mistakes again. 

Q) If “Capital Games” becomes as successful as we would all hope it will, will you begin another film, and, if so, what book will be the basis for that movie? 

A) Capital Games has been a success to me personally. Being released at Qfest, and getting great feedback from my fans and non-fans alike, it was a labor of love. I am finalizing a contract with a film distributor soon, and also the DVD will be available in only a few weeks, as you have mentioned. The next film is already in the works. Naked Dragon. An interracial love affair between an LAPD cop and an FBI psychic, during a serial killer crime spree. The screen play has begun being written and I am already reaching out for the cast and crew. I suspect filming will begin in February or March. 

Q) Any parting comments for fans and potential new readers?

A) I owe everything to my fans, and future fans. Where would a writer be without them? We’d be screaming into a tunnel. I hope I continue to please my readers with fresh ideas, out of the box writing, and challenging them in every way. My passion, my ambition, and my drive will keep me writing for many years to come, and hopefully I see myself in five years as a filmmaker as well. So a big thank you to you for inviting me to write this blog, and for anyone who reads my work. When I tell you it is wonderful to get great feedback and encouragement for years of very hard work, believe it.
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