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Friday, February 26, 2010

Sam Reaves - Mystery/Suspense/Crime Author

I first became acquainted with Mr. Reaves' work when I was looking to read a 'local' author. Checked out his web site, http://www.samreaves.com/ , posted a response on one of his blogs, and he emailed me. Yeah. Imagine that. He's not only human, but a good guy not afraid to reach out to fans.

Since then we've exchange an email now and then and met up at Murder and Mayhem in Muskego (Wisconsin).

And, yes, I am a fan. I read Mean Town Blues as it was his latest and followed up that read with Dooley's Back. Both books are outstandingly well-written and books I will read again - I enjoyed them that much.

So check him out! Sam will appreciate it, and if you let him know you bought one of his books, he'll actually thank you. And you'll get to read a great book!

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