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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Did You Vote?

I did.
If you didn't, why not?
If you did, thank you.
If you didn't, shame on you.

Many believe our democracy is broken.
If we do not continue to vote all we do is provide the means for our government to continue doing that which you or I may be opposed to.

Voting truly is our 'report card' of how we believe our elected officials are doing.

I'm one of those who will listen to anyone who votes. No matter how far apart our ideas may be, I will listen to you.
If you do not vote, if you do not take responsibilty, I don't have time for you. You're just a whiner and complainer who wants to blame everyone else when the truth is... you are the problem. By not voting, you sanction the actions of those elected.

Step away from the computer, get off your butt, and vote!

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