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Friday, November 16, 2012

Psychic, Medium Matthew Fraser

Matthew “Matt” Fraser is a “2012 best Esteemed Psychic in America,” was named a “Psychic Superstar” by OM Times Magazine, has appeared on numerous talk radio shows, and is internationally known for his abilities, as well as being a truly nice person with a warm sense of humor. Basically, Matt’s one of the nice guys who also gives his time and support to Forever Paws Animal Shelter (foreverpaws.com) and the New Hampshire Cultural Diversity Awareness Council. He also wrote a book. 

“The Secrets to Unlocking Your Psychic Ability” is an ebook which I found priced at $2.99 on Amazon.com. “Secrets” is an easy to read and understand book designed to aid readers in exploring their own psychic abilities. Included are many exercises, tools, and techniques that can be utilized on a daily basis to help people enrich their lives. Will a reader be able to talk to their dearly departed ancestors in three easy lessons? No. This isn’t a hocus pocus magic wand or medicine sideshow snake oil guaranteeing anything other than an offering of assistance and guidance to those interested in searching inside themselves and connecting with threads of awareness and conscience they believe to already be there. One thing is for certain: Matt’s writing is clear and enjoyable, and many readers will walk away with a new outlook on the world around and ahead of them. 

Matt attributes his abilities to his mother and grandmother, a Native American “seer.” Thousands of people from all around the globe have had lingering questions answered by Matt and many continue to utilize his talents long after their initial meeting. If you have ever wondered if you have an inner ability to connect with the unseen, or simply want to enhance and take advantage of the intuition most of us believe we have, “The Secrets to Unlocking Your Psychic Ability” may well be a book you should read.

Q) Most people have experienced a déjà vu moment at some point in their life. Do you believe, as some do, that déjà vu is a window to inner awareness or a parallel to psychic abilities? If not, why not? 

A) Definitely. We have all experienced that moment of deja vu where we feel that we have either been at that same place at a given point of time or that we had met that same person before and just could not remember. This is our intuitive psychic ability stepping in and showing us that we in fact have seen this before and we are in the right place and in fact right on track. It reminds us that we are right where we need to be or that the person we just shook hands with is someone that we are supposed to have met and will bring us into a new positive opportunity within our life. Deja vu reminds us that we are constantly tapping in and out of the spiritual world and that we also have access to universal information. 

Q) How important do you believe your Native American heritage is to your psychic abilities? 

A) I believe it is very important, one because Native Americans are very spiritual people and two because heritage can play a huge role in psychic abilities. Everyone is intuitive /psychic or has abilities to some degree, but those families who embrace it more have strong connections with their abilities and it is passed down to future generations. Having psychic abilities run so strong on both sides of the family and it enabled my gift to be discovered a lot earlier in my life and allowed me to truly embrace it and familiarize myself with it instead of keeping it hidden. Not only was this gift present way back through my great grandmother it was also embraced by my grandmother on my mother’s side who also was a psychic medium. She would read for friends and family during the day by sharing messages from loved ones in heaven and also used it to help those around her find guidance in everyday life. I also use this same gift of connecting those here in the physical with those in spirit on a day to day basis. It is such an honor to see the love, joy and hope that these messages bring. 

Q) Why should someone like me who has never really sought to explore any psychic potential buy your book? 

A) Great Question! The reason being is because your intuition- psychic ability is a powerful tool that you carry with you that you can use to improve your life in just about any category. Your psychic ability allows you to use your intuition to not only know more about yourself but also to feel situations before they happen that can help you find the positive outcome in many situations. Developing your own psychic abilities will help you to life a more positive and fulfilling life by seeing or feeling beyond the obvious to the underlying connections know those around you on a deeper level, and also appreciating all the good and positive opportunity that we have to look forward to in our life. 

Q) Of course, there are those with no interest in this topic whatsoever as well as firm believers. For those on the fence, where should they look first to decide if they should accept psychic ability as reality? 

A) They should first take a look at their own experiences that had occurred in their lives. We have all had our intuition talk to us at one point or another in our life as a hunch, a feeling knowingness. Maybe you knew not to go out on a certain night and you did which resulted in a flat tire or you thought that you were going to get a promotion at work and that week it was given to you. The signs are all around us, take a look at some of those experiences that you just cannot explain, you will see that your intuition was at work guiding you. 

Q) You are in constant motion and demand. What do you do to relax and recharge? 

A) Prayer, meditation and good friends are the best ways that helps me to relax and recharge. Being able to collect my thought through a quick meditation before speaking to large groups helps. Also I pray every day. It connects me to a state of peaceful calm, and helps me stay centered while energizing my thinking from previous sessions. 

Q) Any parting thoughts for your fans and those not familiar with you? 

A) Start increasing your attention on your spiritual journey. It is a wonderful ability that is available for you to use and many find it has helped increase their positive thinking and closeness with others. Pay attention to your hunches. Start writing down your dreams. Just pay a bit more attention to how you feel around people and situations. Personally, I found it a gift that once I began to accept and develop has evolved and allowed me to connect with others and bring messages of love from the departed on the other side. It only takes a minute of your time to take hold of this amazing ability. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving.
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