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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Inspiring Fit Behavior – Tony Whatley

A number of years ago I awoke one morning to the fact I wasn’t immortal anymore, and even a third cup of coffee wasn’t going to make the lingering aches and pains go away or inspire me to do…anything. Sometimes, getting older sucks. When that mindset arrives, it’s time to do something about it. There are many books, programs, and people offering tips on how to change our routines and let us enjoy who we are. I’m merely going to discuss one of them. I read and write stories. I am not a health expert, nor do I pretend I am or want to be. In fact, if anyone out there knows of a book discussing ways to stay fit while glued to a keyboard twelve or more hours a day, email me. 

Let’s mention this: Always – ALWAYS – consult your doctor before beginning any new physical regimen or change in diet. 

“Inspire Your Fit Behavior” is a thoroughly engaging ebook and built-in program designed to encourage those of us no longer immortal to improve our fitness. Who wouldn’t like to be more active and potentially reduce the amount of medication some of us depend on, or actually play with the grandkids instead of watching them from a lawn chair? 

What is significant about “Inspire Your Fit Behavior” is that the concept revolves around people we can relate to sharing their results with us. It’s not an infomercial with a fast talking salesman offering us a two for one deal if we call in the next thirty minutes or setting us up to buy the next installment in a never ending series. This is a book with inclusive videos designed to inspire us to get away from our TVs and computers (a near impossibility for me) and make a positive change in our lives. Is this a book for you? Well, could you use some inspiration, would you like to improve your mental attitude? I’ll bet the answer’s ‘yes.’

Former corporate executive Tony Whatley is the founder of FitBehavior.org and author of the book. 

Q)  In your own pursuit of physical improvement, you learned the value of friendships and socializing with likeminded people. How do you suggest an average person expand their sphere of relationships beyond the one we/they have grown comfortable in? 

A) I suggest beginning with an online search for physically demanding sports from table tennis to adventure racing and all those in between, ie race walking, jogging. Then, examine each until you find one or two that sound interesting. You need to give something a try. If it doesn't work out, no problem, this is not marriage, more like “speed dating” until you find a sport you love and want to stick with it for a while.  (And you can always move on to a new sport to renew your fitness interests.  It’s allowed!) 

Q)  Judge Faith Ireland began weight training at age 57 and is now a six-time national powerlifting champion. Retired Admiral Bill Center simply wanted to lose weight so he could play on the floor with his grandchildren. Two different ends of the spectrum, yet the same mindset is required. How can an average person turn on that ‘switch’ to turn a daydream into reality? 

A) Make a decision, build a plan, begin, change directions when necessary, seek outside advice, persist no matter what, and focus on the goal. 

Plan, organize, adjust, and keep going. There is no end to this continuous loop of getting and staying fit. 

Q)  What inspired you to focus on the over forty age groups? 

A) Over 40 people need it the most. Also, being over 40 myself I realize how much I need it. 

Q)  This book and project were not the results of an ‘oh, gee, let’s do this’ kind of haphazard thought. Years of research with noted authorities occurred before anything else took shape. While we, the consumers, sometimes erroneously assume all projects like this are thoroughly investigated and researched before they are marketed, that isn’t always the case. You took the extra steps and years to attempt to cover every base and turn every stone. Why? 

A) I was trained as an engineer and scientist. All of my formal education instilled in me the attitude that you need to comply with the truth and present the most accurate depiction of reality possible. The US has a healthcare problem. FitBehavior and fit/healthy living will solve most of it. Our citizens need to be inspired to join the “Movement.” 

Q)  The inevitable question: Why should we invest in your program/book and not another? 

A) Because Inspire Your FitBehavior can immediately improve your life and take giant steps toward solving our health care crisis. It has a fantastic return on investment. 

Q)  Any parting thoughts for those (like me) in need of a book like this, but still practicing procrastinators? 

A) Don’t wait another second to take that first step.
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