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Friday, September 21, 2012

Bestselling Romantic Suspense Author H.C. Brown

Australia’s H.C. Brown’s aunts traced their family lines to William D' Ansie a French (Norman) knight who rode with William The Conqueror. Never one to shy away from inspiration, “Betrothed to the Enemy,” the story of a young Saxon woman forced into marriage with a Norman knight, became H.C.’s debut ebook in the United States. Published now in the U.S., South Africa, Australia, and the U.K., the author’s popularity continues to grow. So much so, she created her own Yahoo.com chat group solely for her fans. 

Not content in any one romantic subgenre, H.C.’s work includes murder mystery, historical, contemporary, science fiction, paranormal…wherever her mind takes her. “Murder by Design” was a novel that placed in a contest and was quickly contracted by Pocketbooks Australia. Her ‘Purr-fect’ erotic paranormal romance series with a historical ambiance captured readers’ attention around the world. 

This prolific grandmother holds a degree from Oxford, taught physics, chemistry, English Literature and History, is an international all breeds cat judge, and an all breeds tutor judge with the Australian Cat Federation. Forty years ago she married an Aussie surfer she had known for a mere three weeks. Their journey through life together is as exciting today as it was that first day on the beach. 

H.C. isn’t content unless she’s writing. To date, she has had twenty-four books published. This year alone she has seen “A Tryst of Fate” and “Lord and Master” published in ebook format. “Sea Games,” an erotic contemporary romance with a twist, is due out Oct 8th, “Hurt Me Good” (MM BDSM) Nov 5, “Night Games” Dec 17th, “Jungle Games” Feb 11 2013. “Dragonfae: The Soul Catcher,” the author’s return to her love of romantic paranormal stories, hits the Internet bookshelves Feb 18 2013. And, of course, she has five projects nearing completion as well as a joint erotic series actively in the works with another author. That doesn’t include the completed seven volume novel-length YA warlock fantasy series waiting for H.C. to revise and submit to agents and publishers. 

Good grief. The woman wears me out just talking to her.

Q) Where did this insatiable need to write come from? 

A) I have often wondered this myself.  As a child, my mother used to tell me stories all the time.  She would write me little stories and sign them “from Fairy Blue Eyes”.  I think my bend toward fantasy came from those early years. I had a gift for writing from an early age and won a scholarship at the age of ten to a prominent English Girls School. There I immersed myself in literature and today I still read four to six books a month. 

Q) Okay. Why haven’t you borrowed from your own romantic interlude with a surfer and written that story? We would love to read it. 

A) Romantic interlude? He swept me off my feet —literally. The surf here is dangerous. The rips can drag a person out to sea in a foot of water. I had arrived in Australia a month previously and had no idea of the dangers. A wave knocked me over and I slid between his legs. A bronzed muscular arm wrapped around my waist.  I looked up into his dark blue eyes and hoped he didn’t have a “sold” sign hanging around his neck. I guess writing about this happening to someone else would ruin the memory. Actually, my husband is in many of my stories. Not as a character per say but I instill his attitude and respect toward women in my heroes. 

Q) You were born in England, but moved to Australia. What prompted that decision? 

A) I lived in London. I loved the history but hated the cold and the constant gray sky. I had family in Australia and in Queensland, the sun shines seven out of ten days. The opportunities for a career were outstanding. 

Q) You stay so busy, how do you and your husband keep your own romance smoldering? 

A) We are together 24/7.  He is an artist and specializes in outback Australian scenes mostly the red center. He paints and I write. We live close to the beach and you can usually find us walking hand in hand most mornings. Our romance has never faltered and we’ve lived through some crazy times. I look at him all the time and think I am the luckiest woman in the world to have him. 

Q) What caused you to actually sit down and write a story, then offer it for publication? 

A) At first, I wrote the warlock series for my children with no intention to publish. Publication came to me with Murder by Design as you mentioned earlier.  Readers enjoyed my story and wanted more. I take great pleasure in writing; it is like breathing to me now—an essential part of my life. 

Q) Any parting thoughts for your readers and those yet to be introduced to your work? 

A) For my readers: I value every one of you. Your emails and support are food for my Muse. To those who haven’t read my work: If you like strong yet gentle heroes and heart stopping romance, you will enjoy one of my stories.
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  1. You're living the life of a true romance writer, Heather! How lucky you are. It's always wonderful to learn more about you. Best wishes and hugs.

  2. Hi, Margie!
    Thanks so much for stopping by. Always great to see you.