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Friday, March 9, 2012

Reading Proponent Dawn Roberto - Author Raine Delight

What readers of this column may not know is I don’t get paid to do this. Nope. Not at all. I interview authors solely to introduce readers to authors and books they might not be familiar with. So, when I meet someone else actively promoting authors and their work to readers while pushing their own books into the background, my interest piques.

Dawn Roberto hosts the popular Internet chat group Love Romances Café where authors and publishers are free to promote their books, and readers can chat live with those authors. She also hosts a blog where authors can, again, market their work. Dawn doesn’t profit from any of this. It’s a free service to readers and writers. In fact, in order to maintain the integrity of her efforts to promote reading, she created the pseudonym Raine Delight as the author of her own books. Furthermore, this interview is one of the rare times Dawn allows her two personas to sit down together.

Now, Raine Delight is a bit of a personality in her own right and has become known for her more than cheeky comments and rhetoric. Raine pens erotic romance. Her tales are sometimes heart wrenching, suspenseful, sometimes sprinkled with humor, but always entertaining, and, yes, the bedroom door is always open.

Raine was unveiled with the introduction of the paranormal Devon Falls series, “Sticky Magic” being the first book released. Four others followed, the latest being “Moonlight and Magic,” the story of a rare white were-tiger and the one woman who can tame his heart.
Departing from Devon Falls, but continuing to remain within the paranormal genre, Raine has now released “Fantasies Unbound.” Skye Andrews is a woman fed up with life and men, until a Faberge egg opens a doorway to a Fae Prince in search of the love that can make him whole. If you’re a reader who enjoys wonderfully told tales of open hearts in worlds limited only by the imagination, and steamy romance, Raine is waiting to share a story with you.

Q) What motivated you to create Love Romances Café, which also sponsors reader voted annual awards for outstanding books and authors?

A) Dawn: Hi David and thanks for having me here. Actually the LR Café was at first a book club where they would read and talk about a specific book once a month. Then the person who ran it decided she didn’t have the time for it and I stepped in. In the few years since then, I changed the name-LR Café-made it a chat place for readers and authors to enjoy and try to showcase the best authors each year and tried to make it a place where readers, authors and publishers can enjoy themselves in a relaxed format. It’s a lot of work at times but I am passionate about getting books out to readers, for them to chat with the authors and for authors to meet their reading public. Because face it, I get all fan-girl whenever I talk to an author I admire and love.

Q) How did the name Raine Delight come about?

A) Raine: Well actually, I was tossing ideas around after reading really awful book years ago and when I opened the door to my inner muse, I came about with an idea but needed a name that is separate from Dawn, as I try to keep bother personalities separate. An author friend, Skylar Sinclair, offered up Raine and I came up with Delight. From then on it has been history…

Q) Why paranormal, and do you have plans to write in other genres?

A) Raine: I love paranormal genre. The skies the limit and I can indulge my inner love of shapeshifters, mages and more there. Currently I am immersed in a sci-fi universe that I am creating for a new book and plan to dive back into the paranormal world with two more new trilogies in the future. I would love to do a historical but the research is daunting.

Q) Raine enjoys a harem of men lavishing luxury upon her. Dawn is a hard working homemaker trying to hold things together within a shrinking budget, and totally devoted to her family. How much of Raine is Dawn’s escape from routine, if any?

A) Raine/Dawn: Actually now that you mentioned it that might be true. *laughs* I actually created ‘Raine Delight’ to keep my reviewing separate from writing. I didn’t want to show favoritism to publishers I was with or have a conflict of interest so to speak. And I needed an outlet, I think, for the stories that long simmered in my head and finally had a chance to be out in the open.

Q) On Dawn’s blog “Dawn’s Reading Nook” Raine’s books aren’t marketed, nor even mentioned. Why do you normally strive to keep Dawn and Raine so separate?

A) Dawn: I try to keep things in perspective and try to not show I favor ‘Raine’s’ books over anyone elses’s. I have had my persona Raine on the LRC loop chatting with readers, etc but for me as Dawn, Raine gets enough publicity on her own in her own way that she doesn’t need my help in getting sales. Will that change? Maybe, maybe not. *shrugs* When I first started writing under Raine’s name, I wanted something different than my reviewing. Everyone knows I review, love to talk to authors and readers, etc but Raine is something a bit different. She is the one aspect of my personality that is wild and crazy. She can create some sexy, erotic scenes and not bat an eye and as Dawn I blush reading BDSM stories. LOL

Q) Any parting comments for readers not familiar with your work?

A) Raine: Thank you David for having both my personalities here. Does that make me sound like a mental case? *laughs* I love hearing from readers who love Happy Ever Afters that encompass people of many different colors and find that romance is universal, and hope they take a look at my blog or my website for my books.

Dawn: Thanks for having us here David. I love books and finally found something that I can pass on to others who love books just as much as I do. I hope readers pop in my blog and the LRC Loop for all the fun I have there.
DA Kentner is an author and journalist. www.kevad.net


  1. Thanks David for having both my personas here

  2. How nice to see both sides of one of my favorite people. ^_^ Dawn does an amazing job, and I'm glad to see her get some credit for all she does. Thanks for having her here, David.

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  5. A wonderful sounding book and nice cover. All the best