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Friday, August 26, 2011

Mystery & Suspense Author Cheryl Crane

Cheryl Crane is a writer and accomplished author. Yet to this day she first has to place a past she never asked for behind her in order for the power of her distinctive literary voice to be heard. So, let's do that right now: In 1958, fourteen-year-old Cheryl became a ward of the state after the stabbing death of Johnny Stompanato, then boyfriend of Cheryl's mother, actress Lana Turner.

We can ask the obvious questions of did that affect Cheryl's life, has it followed Cheryl throughout her life, is she more attune to abuse, what was her mother like, what was it like being Lana Turner's daughter… But the truth is, we already know the answers to those questions as we've seen the story played out on TV and in articles dozens of times. Add to that, as part of her own life path, closure if you prefer, Cheryl authored "Detour: A Hollywood Story" in which she openly discusses and shares her life - good and bad, no holds barred.

Still, we can't disconnect our past from our present any more than Cheryl can. Cheryl utilizes her insider knowledge of Hollywood, its glitz, its drama, and its dark secrets, to weave masterful tales of murder, mystery, and suspense. "The Bad Always Die Twice" is the first book in a new series featuring realtor-turned-amateur sleuth, Nikki Harper. Nikki finds herself the unwanted center of a killer's attention when a dead man resurfaces, only to die, again. "The Bad Always Die Twice" is a whirling thrill ride through the behind-the-curtains Hollywood, told in a way only one who lived it could.

Cheryl Crane, mystery author, has definitely arrived, and readers are in for a crime fiction experience that will have them turning on the lights and keeping the phone within reach as they savor every word.

Q) What inspired you at this stage in your life to begin writing fiction?

A) Writing has really been a part of my life for the last thirty years, not only with my autobiography, “Detour,” and my coffee table book, “Lana, The Memories, The Myths, The Movies,” but I have also written articles for Architectural Digest, not to mention writing hundreds of Real Estate ads over the years.

Q) Of all the genres to choose from for your debut, why mystery/suspense?

A) It has always been one of my favorite types of reading material. Mother and I had a real life experience when a famous friend and celebrity was being held incommunicado and having their money drained from their accounts, we figured out what was happening and Mother made a few interesting phone calls and we solved the problem….but that is for another book.

Q) The past is instrumental in determining who we will become, but does not define who we are. How would you describe today's Cheryl Crane to a stranger?

A) Extremely happy and content with my life.

Q) It's not uncommon for writers to create heroes/heroines who parallel the author's life. Nikki Harper shadows your life. What attributes did you instill in her that you would have liked stronger within yourself?

A) Nikki is younger than I and as such has a determination and confidence that I didn’t have at that age.

Q) What's the one question interviewers fail to ask you would like asked, and how would you answer it?

A) Over my lifetime I believe that I have been asked everything!

Q) Any parting thoughts for your readers?

A) I hope they enjoy the book and come to care for Nikki and Victoria as much as I do.

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