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Friday, July 8, 2011

Romantic Suspense Author Jill Sorenson

Imagine being in a canoe on a silent, peaceful river, just you and your hired guide. A feathery breeze mixes the scent of pines and berries with your sun-warmed hair. Summer's heat embraces your skin. You close your eyes. The subtle, soft strokes of your escort's paddle caress a lulling rhythm to your ears. The beats intensify to pulsing thrusts. You open your eyes to discover the water's serenity now churns in a milky froth. Droplets wet your skin, your body quivers, excitement and a desire to experience the moment, to reach the climax of the raw energy surrounding you races through your core. You find you can't look away, though an ancient throbbing at the base of your skull demands you should. Then the chapter ends and on the next page Aunt Gert pours a cup of tea with a shot of vinegar to help you forget the woodsy musk of the handsome guide. Unless… 

…unless you are reading a book by a new breed of skilled authors who have bridged the gap between mainstream romance with its closed bedroom doors and the torn bodices of erotica. 

A handful of authors such as Jill Sorenson have melded the two long-divided territories of mainstream and erotica, and interwoven the aspect of physical pleasure and fulfillment into heroines and heroes previously destined to only wear a smile the morning after or the first page of the next chapter. This accomplishment takes a mastery of prose capable of seducing the reader without so much as a missed breath into scenes heretofore thought best kept hidden from view. 

A quiet homemaker, wife and mother of two daughters, former school teacher and San Diego resident Jill Sorenson (who never goes anywhere without a spiral notebook within reach) kicks down doors with her literary proficiency and command of language. But first and foremost to Jill is the story itself. She pens riveting tales of suspense filled with original and unique characters for both Harlequin and Bantam Dell. Her work has also appeared in Cosmopolitan magazine. 

Her latest novel, "The Edge of Night," finds a struggling single mother forced by conscience to stand against a crime-riddled neighborhood while taunted by a crazed killer. Simultaneously released "Stranded With Her Ex" pits two exes against their simmering passion and the betrayal that broke them apart. 

To see the future of romance doesn't require a crystal ball. A reader need only pick up a Jill Sorenson novel.

Jill's Web Site 

Q) What prompted you to break traditional boundaries and bring active physical exploration in to mainstream romance? 

A) First of all, thank you for thinking I'm ground-breaking! But the fact is that most mainstream romance novels have open-door love scenes. Romantic suspense authors like Linda Howard and Sandra Brown have been turning up the heat for decades. Pamela Clare and Lisa Marie Rice, more recent examples, also write steamy love scenes. 

I've always appreciated authors who keep it real and use frank language over flowery euphemisms, so I followed in their footsteps.

For me, sex is the ultimate expression of romantic love. I want to feel the passion between the characters and share it with my readers. Many romance fans, myself included, find it thrilling and satisfying to read about hot sex between loving partners. 

Q) You create names that correspond to your characters' attributes. Noah YOUNG - an inexperienced police officer. Ben FORTUNE - wealthy pro surfer. Daniela FLORES - a delicate flower. Why do you do this, and how difficult do you find it at times coming up with a suitable name? 

A) Those are the most literal examples of how my characters' names reflect their attributes. Most of the time I try to find something that just sounds right. Right now I'm working on a character named John Ledger, a sex crimes detective with a dark past.

I liked the "edge" in there. It can be difficult to find the perfect name but it's part of my wacky process.

Q) Behind a pen, you're fearless. What's a typical real-life day for you? 

A) Oh, thank you. My typical day starts at 4 or 5 a.m. I usually write for a few hours before the kids wake up. My girls keep me very busy, especially in the summer. I take my spiral notebook to swimming lessons, the beach, and the park. No matter how full my day is I always try to fit in exercise. I've recently started running. It works wonders to keep my stress levels down and energy up. 

My youngest starts Kindergarten this fall, so I'm looking forward to a quiet house at long last! 

Q) Within a number of your stories you incorporate Young Adult characters and themes, but have said you probably won't write a YA book. Why not? 

A) I don't have any plans to write YA, but who knows? I was a rebellious teenager and I enjoy channeling that for secondary storylines. Writing a full novel with teen characters might be too taxing for me emotionally. In romance, there is a guaranteed happy ending.

I'm not sure I could write a happy YA because I was not a happy teen. 

Q) You have stayed true to your love of contemporary suspense and not given in to the temptations to write the current trend of vampires and werewolves. What is about your chosen genre that instills such loyalty in you? 

A) I don't think it's a case of loyalty or temptation. I don't read much paranormal and have no interest in writing it at this time.

But I never say never. If I can't find success in romantic suspense, I will write something else. 

Q) Any parting thoughts? 

A) I have two new releases this fall with Harlequin, and another next year for Bantam Dell. All of my books are available in print and digital.

You can also request them at your local library.

Thank you!!

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