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Friday, October 29, 2010

An Interview with Author, Animator, and Businessman Mark Glamack

If you ever saw "The Jungle Book," "Bed-Knobs and Broomsticks," "All Dogs Go To Heaven," "Spawn," "Yogi Bear," "Tom & Jerry," or countless other animated films, you are familiar with Mark Glamack's work.
If you use Scoreguide to improve your golf marketing strategies, you know Mr. Glamack's work.
And if you served with the First Air Cavalry Division in Viet Nam, the medic beside you, awarded the bronze star, may have been Mark Glamack.

Six time Governor for the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, presidential appointee to the ATAS Activities Committee, Mr. Glamack holds the principles of celebrating the human spirit as critical to not just the entertainment industry, but to life itself.

A sterling example of his beliefs is his latest multi-award winning novel LITTLUNS, AND THE BOOK OF DARKNESS, "… a story for all ages, depicting everyone's journey through life facing choices for the Light or darkness." And, yes, it includes 63 stunning color illustrations reminding us of Mr. Glamack's ability to "draw" us into his fantastic and unique world.

LITTLUNS is a book designed and written for families, and deserving to be in every home. http://www.littluns.net/

Q) You have described LITTLUNS as a live experience for the reader, as if they are watching a movie. What inspired this amazing book and the concept of creating a visual reading experience?

A) I always look at what is and imagine what can be. The events leading to, and through, the more than three year completion process of “Littluns” is a very long story with more miracles happening to one person (me) than anyone could possibly believe. I was in the process of funding my other projects which range from two motion pictures, a television series, and three inventions; one of which I was awarded a patent as you mentioned above, when an unexpected event changed my life forever. That event and inspiration came in the form of an epiphany asking me, “Write Littluns.”

That was how it all began…

It was from this experience of pure love so powerful that I shelved all of my other six projects that I had created and developed over a decade to spend full-time creating all that has become “Littluns.”

I was guided to create a very different reading experience that readers had never experienced before; a present-tense movie like experience that could only be read as a novel. I also wanted to take animation to a higher level while still having readers use their imaginations to fill in the visuals between the art and established characters. Although everyone is on the same page with characters and locations, their imaginations complete the visual flow in this one-of-a-kind unique reading experience that can’t be found anywhere else.

Q) The Viet Nam draft tore you away from a career at Walt Disney Productions, yet you have remained entrenched in your love of life through animation and family values, and we are so grateful for your perseverance. What first drew you (pun intended) to animation?

A.) I love your pun (DREW) it makes me feel all animated. Picture a bunch of “Littluns’” ears wiggling, and their furry feet jiggling all over the place with all of us shouting “Hootsy-bootsy!” thanking you for your kind words.

When I was seven years old I knew that I wanted to have an animated life (pun intended), although I can be very animated at times. The thought of creating something on a blank sheet of paper from scratch; creating a secondary world than can only come inspired from the imagination, is an art form like no other. Animation has no limitations – if you can think it, you can make it a reality in the hearts and minds of people who want to discover its limitless potentials, and more yet to be discovered.

Q) Your business ventures, patented inventions, entertainment industry obligations, and so much more command your full attention. Why have you now chosen to write and publish LITTLUNS?

A.) Those projects surely did consume all of my time until I walked away from all of that years ago to work full-time on “Littluns.” There was simply no other way but to put everything else on the back burner.

My epiphany experience was like nothing I had ever experienced before. It was from this initial encounter and calling that began it all. The why of it all is in a need for truth to be discovered and where we are all headed from the resulting debilitating influences of evil. Mark Twain wrote: “A lie travels halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its boots.” “Littluns” tells it the way it is in a non-stop a one-of-a-kind adventure and experience like no novel has ever offered before. You can read about us breaking all the rules at http://www.littlunsblog.com The full impact can only be experienced by going on the journey and adventure with “Littluns.”

A Need For An Alternative.

For some time now, many parents, and others, have voiced their concerns about popular books that send the wrong messages to impressionable, unsuspecting minds. Most of these people talk about their concerns, but few have done anything about it and fewer new options exist that have any appeal to both Christian and secular; young adult and grownup readers. Some popular titles with widespread interest have become more a peer issue than anything of substantive value. On the surface these works seem harmless fun, but they have significant dangers where, as one example, some people would have everyone believe that there is good and bad evil and supporting such popular books from the pits of misdirection and deception create a dangerous vulnerability. Evil becomes victorious when good people do nothing, and even they have fallen prey to reading these not to be trusted books. Hopefully most parents can explain the difference, and hopefully young and old alike will discover the alternative, "Littluns."

An Out of Control World In Chaos.

The negativity and chaos around the world has been building for some time now, and left unattended that bubble will eventually burst. At that point it may be too late. I hope that “Littluns” will contribute a little, or (Litt-L-un), to truth, peace, love, hope, joy, and the heart’s desire in people’s lives. The novel, "Littluns: And the Book of Darkness" triggers EVERY emotion. From life and death, to truth, peace, love, hope, joy and foreboding in drama and comic relief, and the heart's desire, to mystery, terror; to friends and family, to extreme good and evil, to our choice in this life for His Light, or that of darkness. "Littluns" is a fantasy that takes readers into reality, and truth. This may be the first animation-like novel for grown-ups that is also family friendly.

Publishing Beyond What Is To What Can Be.

Imagine an independent publisher offering its readers more than any traditional publisher could or would. We did and published with content and quality second to none. See for yourself at http://www.littlunsblog.com click on the TAB at the top of the page “Breaking All The Rules.” The result is “Littluns,” a family friendly animation-like novel for grown-ups of all ages. Not recommended for anyone under ten years of age because as one reviewer wrote, “…you might want to keep more lights on than just the reading lamp.”

I was forced to self-publish when traditional publishers would not print “Littluns” in color; would NOT print in the USA, and insisted on doing (antiquated) business as usual. Because of their overhead and business model, they would have needed to charge much more for such a book. I created a NOVEL that is affordable and a truly very different reading experience that readers have never experienced before, with quality second to none. Now it’s up to readers to decide for themselves if “Littluns” adds value to their lives.

Q) In your article "At What Cost is FREEDOM Worth Fighting For?" you voice concern people have become too complacent about the Internet and its use. Do you believe the vast pool of virtual information could be dipped into to chip away at our freedoms?

A.) Yes, it could and is in many areas. In fact, much of what is happening on the Internet is more a barrage of incomplete information generated for a self-serving, behind the scenes agenda. If that information is not scrutinized and people continue to be intentionally misinformed by fast talkers, the results will be no one’s fault but our own. In many areas our democracy is presented in the guise of a democracy that is really socialism and this has been building for some time, chipping away at our freedoms one item at a time. With a One World Order looming on the horizon, terrorists could become the catalyst for that to happen virtually overnight. The Internet frenzy will continue until the people put their foot down and say enough is enough. Instead of the safety valve it could be, most of what I’ve seen online are opinions; others are manipulations for self-serving purposes and agendas on a much larger intrusive scale. People continue to be fragmented and disorganized with some good ideas and thoughts going nowhere. The special interests are counting on that to continue. It has also become a useless waste of time that could be otherwise constructively used to implement solutions for the greater good. The bottom line is, don’t take anything for granted in the knowledge that trust needs to be earned.

To be as effective and progressive as it could be, the Internet needs to be organized BY, FOR, and OF the people. Then they must demand with impressive support in numbers that our elected representatives do the will of the people that elected them. Anything less is at our own peril.

Q) What's next for Mark Glamack and LITTLUNS?

A.) In two words, “Everything “Littluns!” Although the novel is complete as it is, if sales and demand dictate, a sequel is possible, but not planned. “Littluns” is complete as it is. There’s been some talk about a television special which would be a new story as a prequel to the book. I have no plans for a motion picture from the novel unless enough people read the book and express an interest in a film being produced. I’m not getting any younger so if that is to happen it would be better sooner than later. The first book took me long hours full-time, culminating in over three years to write and create all the illustrations…When “Littluns” is on autopilot I may just get back to my other projects and let the chips fall as they may. Either way, I wouldn’t trade this blessing and experience for anything.

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