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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

An Interview with Author and Health Advocate Sue Visser

Sue Visser is a health researcher, product developer, and passionately devoted to encouraging people to help themselves to a healthy life.

Her book, "Illustrated Guide to Healthy Happy Eating - For All Blood Types," though currently out of print (Limited copies of the second edition are still available from her for less than 1/4 of that price including postage) sells used on Amazon.com for a whopping $195.00. How's that for a testament to supply and demand? More importantly, that fact should serve to draw notice this lady knows what she's talking about.

Sue's enthusiasm for blood type eating has resulted in a wealth of practical information. She shares this freely with everyone by means of magazines, newspapers, radio broadcasts and workshops. Sue also shows us how to find our own cures in the kitchen for common ailments like coughs and colds, hormonal upsets, digestive disorders, arthritis or aches and pains.

But Sue doesn't stop there. Residing in Cape Town, South Africa, with her husband Jim, Sue treks to remote African villages (and many other parts of the world) where she educates people on nature's foods available around them, and how to grow food sources such as Artemesia, a plant research has shown combats malaria.

Sue can be contacted through her web site http://www.naturefresh.co.za/

Q) The obvious question should be asked first, I suppose. When did you become interested in improving your and others health, and what was the impetus which drove that interest to a passion you have devoted your life to?

Sue) When your baby son nearly dies from a series of respiratory collapses and antibiotics make it worse, you wake up. Homeopathy saved the day, with a few white pills that matched the symptoms. Anton is now a towering slab of muscle in his 30's. He eats for blood type A and so does his father. When they don't, they complain of fatigue and have learnt that they are different from O type Mom and daughter Vivienne. (Thank you Peter D'Adamo for that!)

The black Zulu people called me "Sangoma" as a child. They saw something in me that they recognized as an innate healer. We made porcelain clowns for a living for many years and I loved working with minerals and formulating. After my husband Jim became ill from a bacterial infection and the stress of feeding the family from hand to mouth took its toll, he started to get paralysis attacks and painful joints. A relative who followed the Adelle Davis protocol insisted he needed calcium. He recovered with a concoction of calcium lactate and cider vinegar. Yuk! 14 years ago there were no good calcium supplements on the market, so after that our pharmaceutically pure calcium and magnesium powders used for porcelain were put to good use. In no time I had formulated an ideal supplement and a few years later it showed up in a survey as being the best formulation at the lowest price per dose. I bought and read all the books I could find on homeopathy, reflexology, iridology and nutrition. I became a pain in the ass "authority" on how to fix body parts! It paid off, with a healthy family and now we all walk our talk. I have been accused of being too enthusiastic, too passionate by those who cannot keep up with me.

Q) Sorry, Sue, I have to ask this to satisfy my own curiosity. With private sellers receiving $195.00 for your book, how do you feel about that, since you receive no part of that money which could be used to aid your research?

Sue) Good luck to them! That is nothing compared to doctors who are paid to "practice" on people and then I am asked to sort out the mess. I have devoted my life to research and have a good working knowledge of medical matters. I test out theories, trial formulations, claims and cures constantly even at my own expense to get to grips with how a human being ticks. To me it's not about making money from sick people and causing them to get sicker. It's not about claiming your line of products to be the cure-all. Sooner or later the vendors of "snake oil" trip over their own shoelaces. People feel so bad because they eat so bad. I tried to change that, so at whatever price my book is sold, it provides a few keys to good health. Every page is illustrated with full colour photographs I took myself. I did the graphics, typesetting and the layout. It's a piece of me. Priceless at any price.

Q) In today's world seemingly filled with the philosophy of 'get what you can,' you don't. On your web site you freely share articles on how to improve our lives. The topics range from a deworming recipe to how food can make us feel sexy. Why do you offer so much of your research for free?

Sue) I take no anxious thought for my life: what I should eat or what I wear. We are provided for - however, where ever. I take more anxious thought about gluten, trans-fatty acids and too much sugar! Being a community worker, I have never received direct payment. My life is about love and service. Too good to be true? That is the policy statement for our company called Nature Fresh that we registered in 1997: love and service. The cheapie Chinese porcelain dolls destroyed our livliehood and by then I was already making fluoride free toothpaste and campaigning against killer chemicals in our water supply. When Christ healed the sick did he first ask for credit card details? Do you receive a bill in the post after your prayers have been answered?

Q) Another curious question. What's it like working with small African villages, knowing when you leave, you leave the residents with the ability to increase their chances for survival.

Sue) You don't. Most people are stubborn, lazy, unappreciative and more interested in free hospital medicines. They spend their pennies on white bread and bottles of Coke because they try to copy us. Every 30 seconds somebody dies of Malaria somewhere in the world. But many die every second in ignorance of their Godliness. They kill each other too, just because of a difference of opinion. Can medicinal plants change that? Bill Gates set the stage by trying to provide artemenisin, a synthetic version of the plant extract to help the situation. The mosquitoes became resistant to it. But not to the plant itself. We also use olive leaves. Both these herbs deal with microbes and parasites. I put together a remedy and included them with other anti-microbials. Over the years I have given black people the parasite remedy if they don't feel well. When they come back and demand more, I get curious. I was told that they had been HIV positive, but are now HIV negative. Yes, there is a big parasite problem!

Q) Will we soon see another book by Sue Visser?

Sue) Sure, help yourself, its on my website for free. I did a 16 page book called: "Yummy Yummy" for children. Mom can show her kiddies about fruit and vegetables with the furry characters that really love their broccoli and spinach. You can download the PDF's or read it on the computer screen. I would really appreciate some feedback. The idea of another book never leaves my mind. The camera is always clicking. Exciting cuisine that suits all blood types and is gluten free, helps to fight cancer and boost the immune system rolls out constantly. Articles and recipe pages as well as helpful protocols for just about any ailment are available as zip folders on the website. When it comes to publishing another book and financing it or schlepping around for printing deal? It was a hard time staying out of jail the first time, so probably not in this lifetime.

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  1. Yay! Go Sue! I love Sue's work. I've been reading it for years. She's an inspiration and an amazing human being!