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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Fit and Fabulous Author Teresa Tapp

With the holidays winding down, and our waistlines inching out, it seemed the right time to introduce renowned fitness expert Teresa Tapp, co-author of “Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes.”

Ms. Tapp developed T-Tapp, a highly praised health regimen featured on major TV networks and talked about around the world. T-Tapp doesn’t utilize weights or machines, no stretch bands, in fact, no equipment at all. Neither does it require jumping up and down on knees and joints that would really rather forget the whole thing.

T-Tapp was developed to utilize muscle movement. Yes, you have to work your muscles. Sorry, but just thinking about being healthier won’t drop you a size or two. “Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes” is the complete introduction to the T-Tapp plan that reshapes the body through a sequence of muscle movements, working layer by layer, to cinch and tighten the muscles and burn fat. As Ms. Tapp says, “All you need is four square feet of space and just fifteen minutes a day in order to see a dramatic loss of inches.”

Naturally, to transform an active workout to paper required some doing. Ms. Tapp enlisted the aid of award-winning author Barbara Smalley. Together, the duo has produced a book and accompanying DVD that are garnering rave reviews and scores of satisfied customers.

I found the book easy to follow. The authors don’t bore the reader with endless facts and figures sure to put us to sleep rather than stimulate us to get out of the chair. Quite the contrary. “Fit and Fabulous” jumps right into the heart of the matter, encouraging and cajoling us to come along for an extraordinary ride with an ending that will leave us feeling better about ourselves.

If you’re like me and could lose an extra pound….Okay - If you’re like me and tired of being told to wear a slow moving vehicle sign when I go for a walk, or just want to tone up your already marvelous physique, you might want to check out “Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes.” It’s for everybody, and that’s important.

Q) Not everyone chooses a career as a trainer. What headed you down that path?

A) My passion for teaching and helping others has always been a part of me. Being able to motivate, educate and instill confidence in others is very gratifying. I believe that hurting my back as a teenager was an definite turning point in my desire to teach others how to train for less pain.

Q) The obvious question: Why should we adopt the T-Tapp workout and not one of the other thousand or so already on the market? 

A) In addition to being an efficient and effective body sculpting workout that improves strength, flexibility and healthy heart function, its special method of full fiber muscle activation can be applied to other workouts for faster results too.

Q) Another question born from experience: Is this the only book we’ll need, or will there be more? 

A) “Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes” explains each exercise in great detail so no other book is needed. However, I do have another book about brain-body fitness with core floor activation in the works.

Q) You are a genuinely nice lady filled with exuberance. How can a person alone in their home catch the ‘fire’ necessary to begin a daily regimen they aren’t accustomed to?

A) A person should never feel alone with T-Tapp. In addition to having a very active and supportive community of t-tappers from all over the world who educate and motivate each other on our free forums, we also offer unlimited email and telephone support for free. Plus we have certified T-Tapp Trainers in various cities across America and in Europe who offer classes, clinics and on-line training.

Q) Any parting comments for fans and potential readers?

A) Yes You Can! The human body is an amazing machine that can rebuild and reshape regardless of age. Understanding how to use T-Tapp Method to create muscles with density instead of bulk and how to use movement to decrease inflammation is the secret to success to looking and feeling better the rest of your life.

It's never too late! I welcome you to come join and be a part of the T-Tapp family where there is always someone willing to help you achieve results.
DA Kentner is an award-winning author www.kevad.net

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