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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Judith Leger's New Paranormal Romance "Micah's Heart"

My friend Judith Leger, whose interview can be found at DA's Interview with Judith Leger, has another great new book out. She's shy about having her picture displayed, so I reached into the archives and....
Okay. No, I didn't. That's not Judith, or at least not that I'll admit to anyway.
Oh! By the way, Judith's from Louisiana. Her name isn't pronounced "ledger." It's a lot more exotic than the obvious - kind of like her writing.
If you’re a fan of sexy paranormal romances, then be sure and check out Micah’s Heart. It's by Judith Leger, a "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series author.

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Dark clouds soar in the skies above Sabre Nichols the first time she meets Micah McGregor. Still the gloom doesn’t detract from the overwhelming hunger she feels for the sexy half native American with his lean body, long dark hair and captivating blue eyes. She wants him. 

After attending her great grandmother’s funeral, Sabre assumes she’ll stay a week at the old homestead on Witch Mountain, and then return to her job as a paranormal researcher. But strange events on the mountain and Micah’s sexy charisma wreak havoc with her plans. Micah seems to hide something eerie behind his brilliant blue gaze... 

Can she trust him to help find the source of the spectral activities? Or can she believe the tales of her witch heritage? If she puts her faith in Micah, will she find answers... and lose her heart?


Happy Reading!

Judith Leger

2012 CAPA Nominee from The Romance Studio

2009 Stella Cameron Scarlet Boa Winner


  1. How on earth did you find that pic of me, David!!! uh...looks around...No that's not really me!!! Thanks love! Always a pleasure being at your place.

  2. Hi, Judith. Thank you for thinking of me.

  3. JLed..just hit another one out of the park! Awesome cover,concept,and Author nonetheless. Congratulations J!